Please view our Fee Schedule at the bottom of any page; if you have any questions, please reach out to us.

We believe Chiropractic Care is for Everyone

Regardless of financial status or ability to pay, we want you to receive the treatment you need.  

We offer a 20% Time of Service discount to any patients who pay for their care on the same day it was delivered.  

Additionally, we offer special promotions throughout the year for students and athletes who need Physicals for participation in sports or school activities.  We understand that the full price of an exam may be a lot for students who need to spend their money elsewhere.  In January, February, June, July, and August (prior to each sport season) we offer a 90% discount to all School and Sport Physical Exams.  This brings the cost under $25 per patient.  The following CPT codes are discounted during the specified period: 99381-99385, 99391-99395.

To understand how our pricing works, take a look at the Fee Schedule located at the bottom of this, or any other page on our website.  If you are a frequent patient, you will typically stay in the top left of the page in the Adjusting codes.  One of the first three charges, and possibly the 98943 Extremity adjusting code if needed, will be applied at every visit.  The number of regions is determined by the number of regions adjusted, i.e. if 2 neck adjustments are performed with a mid back adjustment: 2 regions (CPT 98940 $53.53), if 5 mid back adjustments, a neck adjustment, and a low back adjustment: 3 regions(CPT 98941 $77.27).  

First time patients will require an exam (new patients 99201-99205) and likely be adjusted the same day.  The level of complexity is determined by the doctor, but is based on the level of clinical decision making required for diagnosis and care.  The estimated range for a first visit is $128.53 (CPT 99201 & 98940) to $239.66 (CPT 99202 & 98942), up to $527.45 (CPT 99205 & 98942).  It is more likely that your treatment will use lower level codes, but we want to be transparent.  

Returning patients with a new condition, or if it has been a while since your last visit, may also require an exam (established patients 99211-99215).  The estimated range for a returning patient exam is $97.35 (CPT 99211 & 98940) to $209.03 (CPT 99212 & 98942), up to $447.36 (CPT 99215 & 98942).

We understand this may be very confusing.  Please give us a call, send us a message, or stop by if you have any questions!