Family Chiropractic

Care for All Ages

We believe that chiropractic care is for the whole family. That's why we offer a range of family chiropractic services designed to meet the unique needs of patients of all ages, from newborns to seniors. Our chiropractic care services for children are gentle and effective, and can help address a range of conditions, from colic and reflux to ear infections and asthma.(1) As they grow up, we also offer specialized care for young athletes, with a focus on injury prevention and performance enhancement.(2)

For expectant mothers, we offer the Webster technique, a specialized chiropractic technique that can help alleviate discomfort and promote optimal fetal positioning during pregnancy.(3) And for seniors, we offer gentle adjusting techniques that can help alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with aging disorders such as arthritis or degenerative joint disease, stenosis, sacroiliac dysfunction, and more.(4)

Babies feet with parent's hands forming a heart around them

In addition to these specialized services, we also offer chiropractic care for a range of conditions and concerns, including scoliosis, adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder, hip pain and knee pain, and neck and mid back pain.(5) Our gentle adjusting techniques are effective for patients of all ages, and can help promote healing, alleviate pain and discomfort, and improve overall function and mobility.

At Vilardo Chiropractic, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality chiropractic care. That's why we offer family chiropractic services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual patient, from newborns to seniors. Whether you're dealing with a specific condition or simply looking to improve your overall health and wellness, our team of experienced healthcare professionals are here to help.